Monday, July 10, 2006

The beggining of my training as a professional thief

So, the most hilarious thing happened today.

I worked at the garden center closing tonight. It was about 10 after 8, and one of my co-workers who was the closer (locks gates and is in charge of closing stuff) comes to say hi. She chats for a bit, and then says that it is almost quarter after 8 and that she is looking forward to going home. We close at 8:30, and i guess she really was looking forward to going home, because..... i got to the front at about 8:25 and there was no one there. Everything was closed up, the office (which had my purse) was locked..... and the gate was padlocked!

Picture this... I am locked in a big garden center with about 8 foot fences all around! I sort of wandered around the place and jiggled the locks a bit... and then accepted the facts. I was going to have to climb the huge. 8 foot fence.

So, i found one spot where there was a garden bench beside the fence, climbed to the top, somehow turned around, and managed to lower myself down the other side...

just call me he-woman. i can totaly support my body weight climbing a fence hahaha.

so i get out of the fence and i'm on the ground... but i still have no keys. or money. or id. or way of getting home.

So i go to the Mass (formerly Macs) store in the parking lot, and use the phone. I call ray. Thanks for the ride ray :).

Yeah.... nameless girl is getting a bit of an earful tommorow. That's pretty bad to forget to check if anyone is left before locking up the front gate and leaving. Especially becaus i got up there at 8:25 and we close at 8:30. If she wants to close early i don't care, but at least tell all the employees first hahaa.

I have now completed my first level of training as a professional thief....


The Lone Commenter said...

First level? I seem to recall you going all ninja-like when i stopped by to say hi the one night.

You're definitely a third-level Dan of thievery and all-around skullduggery

Fletcher said...

Ha Ha Ha, i can jsut picture dale the midget spider monkey clibing the fence!!!! Oh dale, you made my night!!!