Thursday, April 20, 2006

awwww.... little lisa :) Posted by Picasa

So, this is my first photoshop creation that i actually finished. The other one wasn't finished. My official first digiscrapbooking page with adobe. I love this program!!

I am proud of this because i created almost everything myself. I do love downloading free scrapbooking elements, especially papers, but i created this paper myself. The butterfly started out as a simple shape that came free with photoshop, and i layered it and sprayed the edges a little to give it the black and the wing detail. The only thing i didn't create was the silver frame for the words 'sunny mexico'. It used to say something else but i erased the text and added my own. I also played with colour a little. You may notice that every colour on the page is also a focal colour in the photo :).

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Anonymous said...

hey..thats meee..
wierd pic of me, but the photoshop stuff is really cool