Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Adobe Photoshop

my first pic :) Posted by Picasa

So, i am sitting at home, enjoying my day off playing on my computer. I have finally figured out how to register the copy of Adobe Photoshop Andre gave me, and i have also figured out how to 'place' pictures (bring other picture files into the pic). It's great. The above pic is my first one i've made. I played with smudging, layers, filters and circle selects.

Unfortunately, i also made my first major mistake saving. When i went back to play more with the background, i realized i had saved it as a jpg but not as a adobe file. So i lost all my layers and can't change things around easily.

So, it wasn't completely finished but i am showing off my first picture with adobe. Eventually i hope to be good enough with the program to use it for my digital scrapbooking. I think it will work great. This will be so awesome.... thanks again andre.

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