Wednesday, July 20, 2005


So, i am finally updating now. I am rarely home and find that i am just not having time to keep my blog updated. However, i will do a quick update now to talk about what is up lately.

I have found a new place to live. I will be moving into a house on rink ave on july 31st. It's a really nice basement suite. I get my own kitchen, a garage, a fair size living room, a laundry room with free laundry....lots of good things. It really is a great place. I can't wait to move in :):):):) I am so excited!

No, i haven't found a job yet. I'll probably wind up subbing here in the city, and work some evenings at the daycare.

I went to craven over the weekend. Emmerson Drive and George Canyon both did stupendous jobs. I also saw the Poverty Plainsmen there twice, and they were really really good too. Especially in the beer gardens. Man, they even sound good when i'm stone cold sober! Now i wonder how awesome they sounded to drunk Brendan? lol By the way Brendan, I don't know if you read this but thank you for teaching me a new country dance :)

Yes, andre we do need to go for supper again. And i have never been one to turn down free tacos... that will probably never change lol. Mmmmm..... homemade i wish i had one now. You'd have to be a fool to turn down a taco :). But give me a call. I'm off most of this week.

By the way, congradulations to Matt and Michelle....Wow. You've lasted a month now. Good stuff. I'm sure there will be many more celebrations to come :). You two are so cute.....

So, just to provoke comments... I'm going to ask a question. If you are reading this please commennt. If you could see any band anywhere, who would you see? I myself would see Great Big Sea (again) at the beer gardens at Craven. They had a really good vibe there and you could get really close to the stage. It was a good setup, especially for on a cool night.

Consider yourselves all are all now IT! hahahahaha


Andre said...

I would see Led Zeppelin opening up for Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan at the Agridome...

it'll never happen because they are all dead... :(

Ryan said...

Only the drummer from Led Zeppelin's dead. There's still a chance for Page and Plant. Although I'd choose a venue with better acoustics than the agridome.

Me? Man, Rammstein, I hear, puts on one hell of a show. Me loves the Nightwish and the Epica, so those are no-brainers. Opeth is coming at the end of this month to Saskatoon, but I have no tickets (and they're going with Norma Jean, who I'm less fond of) Lacuna Coil, Boy Hits Car, Days of the New (who I imagine you'd like quite a bit) Dope, Fear Factory, In Flames, Slipknot, Killswitch, I could list these all day.

Anonymous said...

I would see Great Big Sea pretty much anywhere as long as I had savaged my wayinto the very front for the concert! That is the best and they are the most amazingly fun band to see live.
Yeah for Dale's new house!!!!:)
(look, I can make the smiley face to! Not completely computer illiterate) Sorry I can't help move but I'll come see your new place as soon as we get back from PA.

Anonymous said...

Neil Young, anywhere anytime. Actually, I would have loved to be at the original woodstock, or the original Live Aid. Now that would be cool. Pearl Jam, Tom Petty, Randy Bachman (only solo acoustic... man does he have some good stuff out), and Joshua's Habit (a band out of Calgary that is going to make it big soon cuz they are AMAZING... michelle would like them, harder punk rock).

Sorry I wont be able to help you move either. I *think* I have a free day between my family reunion and Oyen, but I'm not sure yet... dates are still changing, and what started as a quick quiet visit to small town Oyen has turned into a Girls Gone Wild weekend. dont worry, I'll see your new place eventually eventually... if I make it out of Oyen alive.


Fletcher said...

Hmmm, I think that I would like to see Bare Naked Ladies Open for Great Big Sea at the Centre of the Arts.