Saturday, July 02, 2005

k-os, sekyrka and GREAT BIG SEA

So, happy canada all. This is a reminder for all you canadians abroad that yes, today is canada day. There was huge festivities here in Regina to celebrate, as it is not only Canada day, but it is also saskatchewan's centenial. It was very exciting.

So, after HOURS of cleaning, as my roomates have all now moved out and so they can't just dirty the place up again, i decided to go see Therese Sekyrka (spelling?) sing. She was the second runner up on american idol. I missed the entire season except the final episode, so i didn't know anything about her until i saw her beaten by that pansy-ass wuss kalon porter. I wanted therese to win because i hoped she would sing pop with a jazz influence, much in the way Norah Jones (who i LOVE) did. Kalon was really nothing special, but he won anyways. I then had heard Sekyrka sing on Scarth street when Carter (fletcher's brother) played sax with her for a free show. I wanted to like her. I really did. But i just found myself dissapointed.

So, today i decided to give her another chance. I called up my awesome bud ryan and we went to find the stage. After one bad call of setting out the blanket and relazing at the wrong stage (there were, like, 3) we arrived. Although she didn't start singing for another 20 minutes, the place was already packed. We could have weaseled our way to the front of the stage if we really wanted to, but we decided to stay further back and lay on our blanket instead. It was sooo hot and sunny... loved it. The weather was perfect for me. Ryan's a bit of a cold lover and i think he kinda baked and was worried about burning, but i ate it up with relish (or mustard in my case...mmmm...onions and garlic too....mmm...and hot dog..... on second thought, jsut give me a hot dog lol). We were so far back that we couldn't really hear anything. She seemed like she was doing acceptable, but we couldn't really hear much of anything. But, if nothing else, it was awesome to lay out on a blanket in the sun with my good friend ryan. :) you rule ryan

So, later in the eveining i'm back at wascana. All of us who came in various groups met up through the wonder of cell phones (ray, you are my hero for letting me borrow yours for tonight *kiss*). We had Michelle, Matt (aww... michelle and cute) Shannon, Crystal, Laura, Ryan, Fletcher and myself. K-OS was just starting. Now, i was not familiar with k-os' music. I am very sad to say that i simply dismissed him as 'another rapper' and decided not to go hear his music. This was very prejudice of me i know....and so very very wrong. Laura, Shannon and Michelle wanted to see the show, so we decided to try and crush through the massive throng of people to get as close to the stage as possible. After all, the closer we were when k-Os ended, the closer to the stage we would be for great big sea (my favorite band ever ).

In order to understand the ordeal we went through in order to get even within viewing range of the stage, you have to have been there. Yes, this is just little regina here....but trust me, you don't understand. This wasn't like some shopping mall the day before christmas. It was a veritable SEA OF PEOPLE. You had to hold hands with your friends in order not to lose them (and even that didn't work...sorry laura and fletcher). You had to bide your time, and sieze any possible opportunity you could get to inch forward. This is not a task for the polite. There were times when i was actually so squished between people i was lifted of the ground witht he jumping of the people around me. It was unbeliebable! It was a really intense experience. Thank GOD i have no personal space issues. And thank you crystal, for being your fabulous pushy self, you did me proud lol. Crystal and Shannon inched and elbowed and pushed and wiggled us all the way to the front of the crowd! Crystal Ryan and I then broke out on our own small group, to make it to the center of the stage. Halfway through great big sea's performance, we made it to the front of the crowd. Kudos to you crystal, i couldn't have done it without you :).

But on to K-OS. I assumed it would be just your standard rap. In my mind, this equals CRAP. What use would a country music loving girl have for a rap group??? Man, was i ever wrong. K-OS posesses one of the clearest, fabulous voices i have ever heard from a male singer. He is truely talented, and i was completely blown away. Not once did he say 'bling bling' or stupid crap like that, nor talk about 'cruizin with his hommies'. This was truely good, meaningful music. I absolutely loved it. As well, when he played 'Crabs in the Bucket' (a song i had previously heard but didn't know it was by him) I went wild along with the rest of the crowd. I was espeically impressed by the bass player in K-OS's group. Not only was he completely HOT, he was really really into his music and really talented. He had long, huge hair, and i swear it was flying in every direction from the sheer energy of his I was amazed :). I remember andre telling me k-os was good....but i disbelieved you andre. I was soo wrong.....remind me to trust your judgement better in the future lol. K-OS was highly energetic and completely awesome. I'd love to hear one of his cd's...Andre do you have one? Anyone?

After an amazing show by K-OS, it was FINALLY TIME FOR GREAT BIG SEA!!!!! Today was my fourth time seeing Great Big Sea in concert, and they just keep getting better every time. Great Big Sea is the ****(insert all known swear words here)******* best band i've ever had the fortune to hear live. The energy, the charisma, the instruments, the talent, the sheer power of their voices. Pardon my *french*, but HOLY SHIT! I love them more and more every time i hear them. They're cd's are excellent, especially Play, but it can't even be compared to how good they feel live :). It is 3 am, and i am still buzzing with energy from the show. Crystal and i screamed ourselves hoarse.

I am telling you this here and now.... If you have ever the chance to see great big sea live....DO IT. I'm telling you, you won't regret it. Honest. Even if you're not crazy about their cd' does't even compare to how amazing they sound live. And also, don't judge K-OS by his genre. He has true tallent, and his music could have me getting my grove on anyday lol. Two truely talented bands seen tonight....This will be a night to remember.


And just a reminder to all you regina people. I am not off work till 8:30 pm tommorow. We'll probably go to the pump around 9:30. If i haven't already talked to you about it, feel free to randomly show up. The more the merrier.


Andre said...

pffft do i have his cd's

he is all that is good about hip hop.

You're going to be jealous about this. I was backstage becuase daya's mom hooked me up with some media credentials. So ... go check your email to see who i got to meet.

Frankly not a GBS fan or a theresa sokyrka fan... (please note my repeated and continual idol rants)

they were floating around backstage so i was rubbing elbows with them and not caring. Frankly I don't like being the guy thats like "hey, you're great big sea"... if there is someone i like to meet i generally like to at least know their names or whutnot. but anyways check your email. I'll hook you up with a copy when we go for lunch. I've been making alot of copies of his cd... he did win album of the year at the junos eh?

Ryan said...

They were good times. Except for the prick dancers, and Pee Guy.

Also...Pardon my French? Man. You're so hardcore :P