Friday, July 22, 2005

Mmmm... cool cool music... why not?

So, this weekend is the Taste of Regina Festival and the Flatlands Music Festival. Wow. Sounds cool. I love all this stuff Regina is doing big for the centenial. Regina sure has a lot more to do than i thought it did!

So, all these amazing restaurants from around regina are having these 'samples' (not free) that are a small amount of food for cheap. This will be probably the largest variety of local food i have ever been around lol. It started wedesday and is going to sunday. Each day has a different type of music. Friday, tommorow, is country music. I will be packing earlier in the evening, but i would like to be there in time to hear Brad Johner at 9:30. Anyone interested in comming ( i know you don't like country, but there is the lure of good local food too) give me a call.. comment....send me a message in a bottle...whatever. Just let me know.

I will blog my own little review of how it was later in the week.

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