Friday, June 26, 2009

Giveaway!!! Earings for 4000 posts!

Hey there everybody.

So, I took a peek at my blog ticker, and I see that i'm almost at 4000 hits! When'd that happen??? Wow. Very exciting :).

I had posted these earings previously, as part of my entry to Derryn Mentock's challenge to do Mary Hattmansperger's book, but i myself do not have pierced ears. It's strage, i'm a jewelry artist who can't wear some of the jewelry she makes hahha. It's just something i never got around to doing i guess?

I decided to celebrate the 4000 hits with a giveaway. Leave me a quick comment here, and i'll pick a number for the winner... standard blog giveaway style. Don't forget to make sure there is a way I can contact you!

By the way, speaking of giveaways, i just discovered a new blog that has some rather pretty stuff... Sweet Bead Studios had a web redesign, and is giving away some jewelry with some pretty sweet embossed metal, and a embossing hammer. My fingers are so crossed for the hammer!! Check it out here


cindy said...

Congratulations on 4000 posts! That is really amazing. Your earrings are really cool...I'm taking part in Deryn's challenge too but I've only submitted ONE thing so far. :-( Thank you joining my blog give away as well.

Deryn Mentock said...

Terrific, Dale! These look a lot like the Mary Hetts earrings in project 2. Do you mind if I add your link to that project on my challenge blog?