Tuesday, June 02, 2009

April showers... in June?

I am still catching up slowly on the necklaces i have created but not yet photographed or put up on the blog here. This i created for the Creativity Challenge way back in april but am finally getting around to posting... i am a lazy blogger it is true lol. Still i thought i'd share it, throw it out there. Better late than never...... right....?

The prompt for this was 'april showers'. I really liked the idea of having more of a choker for this necklace. This is the first time i have created the form of the necklace, as a choker, myself. Hanging from it are links i created with fake turquoize, glass blown hearts, 'raindrop' charms, metal leaf dangles, and a frame. The frame contains a picture of a lake with lilypads, that came from a US stamp i recieved some time ago. I cut the picture and put it in the frame.

What has anyone else been up to lately?


Seth said...

Perfect creation for April Showers. It does elicit a sense of raindrops falling.

Julie H said...

I like this choker, delicate and yet substantial at the same time.

Judy Scott said...

this is lovely with the 'droplets' and I love the colour of the metal with the turquoise from the postage stamp. Regarding your comment on my blog ~ Water soluble fabric is an amazing substance that is like a sheet of clear polythene, when placed in a hoop you can sew into it and create a design, you have to make sure that all the threads and stitches are caught with another stitch and once youre happy with the design you then pin the 'new fabric'onto a piece of polystyrene and run warm water over it ~ the original water soluble is washed away and youre left with your very own piece of fabric which you've created ~ brilliant! Sorry once I get started I cant stop :) have a lovely week, Judy x

Julie H said...

Thanks for the return visit to my blog! I appreciated all your comments. Yes, I teach highschool here in Australia, and while my jewellery is not so unusual here the fact I have my students hunting for treasure probably is. Your students will be very disappointed if they visit Canada and the rest of the population is not wearing jewellery!

I think I came to your blog through Ro Bruhn's or someone on hers - I was sick at home and blog surfing for an hour or two, a rare treat.

enjoy the week

Courtney Putnam said...

gorgeous blues and greens in this necklace and I am enamored with that stamp image in the frame...