Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'm here!

After a long flight, i have finally arrived here in Korea!! Ryan (my boyfriend) and myself are settling in nicely to our fabulous apartment. I am quite pleased with the place. Unfortunately, we do not have Internet yet! I will be posting pictures of here around Seoul, once the Internet gets hooked up on Friday. For now, i am getting my 'fix' here at the 'pc-bong' (Internet cafe).

So, i am still debating whether i should set up another blog, but i think i will be. I will set one up for everything about my life in Korea. This will be mostly for my friends and family back home, and for any of you that are interested. I will continue to put my art stuff up on this blog. Once the new blog is set up, i will put the address up here.

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bridgette said...

wow, Korea! Best of luck with settling into your new home.