Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Present for fletcher

You may have notices a glass box i was working on earlier. Well, it was my friend Fletcher's birthday last saturday. I finished the box just in time. Inside the box, i placed an anime keychain of this crazy sword guy. I think he's from a show called Bleach or something? Either way, fletcher seemed very pleased with it.

Recently, i picked up Sommerset Workshop magazine. I am kind of in the middle of nowhere, workshop wise. I have often wistfully looked at a map that shows the distance between here and saskatchewan and portland.... it would be a 19 hour drive. Sigh. No Artfest for me.... yet. Give me time to work a little more and then i'll have the money/airmiles to fly :). For now i appease myself by buying fabulous magazines and such.

In the Sommerset Workshop magazine, they had a section by Hanne Matthiesen. I also checked out her blog, and loved it. In the magazine, she discussed and demonstrated how to create waxed paper. I just loved it! I find beeswax to be a wonderful medium. I had played with it previously on my 8X8 lilac piece, and figured it was time to smell up the basement of beeswax again lol. I used an electric fry pan thing to melt the wax... the same one i use for dying felt. However, i guess that i did not wash it out very well since i last dyed, so the wax all turned purple! It was such a pretty purple though that i didn't mind. I waxed vintage sheet music, brown packing paper, scrapbooking papers, white paper, white satiny fabric and canvas. All came out with a softly purple hue. Wonderful.

So, i used this paper as wrapping for fletcher's birthday present, and a piece of the sheet music for the tag. Here are some pics of how they turned out :).

And last of all, here is fletcher before he opened his present.

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