Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Judy's fabulous tutorial

I stumbled across a fabulous felting tutorial for an absolutely stunning project on Judy Scott-Kinross' blog. I absolutely adore the project she made and she has a wonderful tutorial laying it all out. Fabulous! Go check it out!

As for myself, i now have all the supplies i need for the next jewelry project, except nickel. Where on earth do you get nickel?????? Could i use copper instead, or are there certain special properties nickel has for etching and jewelry making?


Jen said...

Dale, nickel usually means nickel silver which is cheaper than sterling silver. I interchanged copper, brass and regular ol' sheet metal as that's all I had.

Judy said...

Looking for that too - we can get nickel here either- such a pain.
let me know where you find it - maybe Rio grande....
And thanks for my blog comment - yaah the grunge!