Sunday, April 13, 2008

Skavenjah last night

So, last night was a great night. My friend Mike and I got together and we went out to see one of my favorite bands, Skavenjah. It doesn't hurt that the trombone player in the band is my instructor, and that I played with the sax player in jazz band a number of years ago. However, i think i'd love them even if i didn't know a couple of them personally. The energy to their ska is overwhelming. Looking down at the dance floor from our balcony seats, it was a pure mass of energy. I just love going to see bands that are obviously loving what they are doing. The energy was not only in their music, it was flying off of the band members themselves. What fun! You should definately check out their music :) Here is a link to their website.

I have been doing some art and such. I have a project with these copper 'birds' that i am getting very excited about. I think i already talked about the copper houses and wings, I now have digital copies of pictures of bird heads. Just need to get them printed... but i'm out of ink!

I am so pleased with the enormous response that my previous card, 'Tribute', got at ATCS For All. A whopping 14 comments! I never get this many comments, they usually just get maybe 1 or 2 and it is not unusual for them to be none at all. However, i am just so happy with the lovely comments there on this one. It seems to be rather popular and i so enjoyed making it that i am using a similar technique again. This time i am making a 4" by 4" piece. I have one for keeping and one for trading started. Don't know how i am going to trade a 4" by 4" piece, since it is not ATC size, but maybe i'll just use it as a gift instead? Maybe a blog gift or something, if i actually ever win one of those Heart it forward''contests? I decided to go with a blue theme rather than a green theme for this one. I wonder what i will use for the picture? Another woman? Still don't know. If it ends up being for heart it forward, i will probably make a stylized heart type of thing. I guess i will wait and see what mood strikes me :)

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Leah said...

the tribute atc is gorgeous! i'm not surprised it got such a great response. :-)