Friday, April 18, 2008

Buddha Sketch

I have been getting braver... I have always been avoiding sketching and drawing. I often feel dissatisfied with results, and feel nervous whenever i am drawing. However, i know that sketching and drawing skills are an important part to making art. So, a good way to get over this is to just jump into it, and keep trying.

I was so pleased with the Tribute card i created, i have stepped up and tried another project using sketching. I found a beautiful pic of a buddha statue online, and so i'm trying my hand at making my own sketch.

So, this is my sketch here in my 'practice book'. I bought a book at the second-hand store. I have made pages with painting, sketching, collage and much more. For many of these ATC's and other projects, if i want to practice a technique before putting it with the more expensive materials etc. Maybe i'll post more pics later? I am thinking of going and buying a sketchbook instead of this book here though, i find the text in the background can occasionally be a welcome texture, but often is distracting of clean, clear lines. I could always add the pages i've created so far into the sketchbook. I really like Mary
hand made sketchbook that she has posted on her blog. Maybe something like that could be cool?

I could wait and see what the journal i get from the swap i did a couple months ago on swap-bot turns up. I am beginning to think i got burned on that one, as it has been over 2 months since the due date for the swap and i still have not received my journal as part of the swap. Sigh. I put so much time and effort into the one i sent away (as you may have seen in posts from about a month ago) that it really sucks to get burned, and have nothing sent back to me in return. I really hope the person i sent mine to (which is a different person than the person sending to me) likes the one i gave them, because that would make it better. Sigh. THen again... the one to me is coming from Singapore. Maybe it's still on it's way?? I am hoping against hope for that.

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