Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I made my own nails

I feel kinda proud about this one. See those four pieces of metal? That used to be simple 16 gage copper wire. I annealed and patinated it, hammered on the top to form a head, and used my metal file to sharpen the bottom part. I may still use my metal files to clean up the groves left by the C-clamp (i don't have a vise). I got the general technique from Kazmer's book 'Cold Connections'... again. I really do love that book.

But here is the dilemma... now that i've made them what on earth will i do with them? An assemblage project of some kind? I dunno... I guess i'll just wait for the inspiration to strike. I really like the mint-tin style assemblage with the nails sticking out on the edges. Maybe a strange, strange christmas ornament? hahah.

I have also created the start of four bezels. Still unsure what to put in them too. They have been cut and filed, and are ready for me to torch solder them this weekend. Can't wait. The one of them is really deep... need to find something with more weight and presence to put in that one. They will also be a chance for me to try out my new ice resin!

Looking for nail-y inspiration...


Fletcher said...

Hi Dale,

In mythology Iron is a weakness of Fairys and some gods. Could you do something with that I wonder?

Dale said...

these are plated copper, nor iron. however, the concept is quite intriguing. If iron has a place in some mythology, i'm wondering about nails themselves. Interesting direction to go :).
Thank you fletcher.

Seth said...

These are very cool. A great idea too!