Friday, November 21, 2008

Resin problem. Any help out there/

So, it's been four days, and the resin from the present i prepared still hasn't hardened completely (see previous post)! I searched the net for help on this, and found causes for this varying from changes in humidity to cheaper resin to insufficient hardening agent. What i did not find was an answer to how to fix this problem. Should i just add another layer of resin that will (hopefully) harden propperly this time? Is there some kind of 'hardener' or technique i can use to help it harden? Just putting this out there, i know some of you are so skilled at working with resin!

By the way, i just noticed that i am here my 2000th viewer to my blog! Wow! Thanks for all the hits guys. This is really great. I will have to do a giveaway or something someime soon.

As for how things are going with my looming move to Seoul, things are progressing fairly nicely. There have been a number of hitches and holdups along the way, but at this moment things seem to be going well :). Wish me luck for a speedy delivery and procesessing!


Kelly said...

i'm sorry your having problems with this, dale. i've never worked with resin so i don't have any answers. i have resin but i've never taken it out of the box. when making pendants in the past i've used faceted glass and then either solder this or used fimo to form a bezel. i hope you get an answer.

Carmi said...

Hi Dale,
I would definitely add another layer of resin...happens to me regularly. If there is space, a layer 1/8 of an inch thick (or less) of a a new batch should correct it. I just fixed something today and it worked out perfectly.

Diana said...

Dale....thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to visit. My frozen charlotte doll caged nest piece happens to be all wire soldering. Regarding your resin project. I agree with Carmi....and she is an expert at that. Mixing the correct proportions and mixing well is extremely important.
Good luck.