Saturday, June 28, 2008

Glass box and a dilema

I don't think my friend Fletcher reads this blog, but you can never be too careful. It is Fletcher's birthday coming up, and i wanted to try making him something. I've been playing around with the idea of working with soldering and glass. (Collette, I truly appreciated your comment on the previous post. It got me thinking that it was time to try again). I have yet to feel 100% successful on any of my soldering and glass projects. I was happy with the last one until the solder around the jump ring snapped. I need a way to make that stronger. However, i decided it was time to try again, as this is a rather difficult technique that takes practice to perfect.

I was looking again through Sally Jean Alexander's 'Pretty Little Things' (my ultimate source of ideas for glass) and was intrigued by her glass box. I decided to try making one myself.

Fletcher, if you are reading this... please stop here.

So, here is my box i made. I carefully measured 5 squares of glass and one of mirror 1.5 inch square. I notice that Sally says in her book to use 2mm thick glass. Mine is at least 5. However, i will just work with what i have (the 2mm prob would have been better for this though). I cut the copper tape so it wasn't so wide, so that the visible glass would have a larger surface area. I then taped the edges of each piece, and then taped the pieces together in the shape. I left the lid off for now. Last, i soldered it all together.

Now i have a dilemma. What will i put in this box? Any suggestions of what i could put in here for a present for my male friend? Hmmmm...

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Judy said...

I love the box idea - looks wonderful.