Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My wordcloud Posted by Picasa

So, i found this cool website from a scrapbooking website i was looking at. This is so awesome. You go to their website and type in the url of the website you want to use. It then, after only about a 30 second wait, creates what you see above. This is the word cloud for my blog. It took common words from my blog and put them in alphabetical order, with varying font sizes in accordance with the amount the word is used on the website. It is free to try, and their angle is that they are trying to sell t-shirts with the word clouds on them. If i was a hardcore blogger, i'd buy one for sure lol. As is, this is more of just a hobby. Not worth the t-shirt. I guess you could say 'been there, done that, but didn't buy the t-shirt' hahaha.

Here is the link to their website so you can try it too. They are called Snapshirts .

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