Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fabulous shopping!

I recently read a post by Judy at her blog Red Velvet. Her and a bunch of her friends went shopping in New York. This was not the type of shopping most people do. We are not talking 'Neiman Marcus' or other such clothing shopping (although she may have also done that and not blogged it). Her post showed pictures of her and her friends shopping at fabulous stores filled with altered art supplies :). I was especially fascinated by the metal pieces from Metalifferous. I wonder if they were expensive? They looked so good, such a plethora of fabulous twists and turns of various metals. How fun! You should definately check out Judy's site.... she has fabulous things there such as her altered book The Twelve Tribes of Israel and discussions of beautiful retreats in Bali. How wonderful!

In short, go check out Judy's fabulous blog, and while you're at it buy me a plane ticket to New York so i can go see those great stores for myself :) hahha.... one day i'll go.

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